Faculty of Education, Social Sciences and Law

Mr Tim Banks

Faculty IT Manager

Email: t.banks@leeds.ac.uk

My role is to help and advise the Faculty on IT related matters as well as representing the Faculty on central University committees.

Specific areas in which I may be able to help are as follows.

  • Data storage and data security (particularly for research projects)
  • Data encryption
  • IT projects (such as database development)
  • Ensuring services provided by central University IT (such as desktop support) are operating effectively

I believe IT systems should ...

  • be an enabler, not a barrier
  • make our working lives easier, not more difficult (and save time, not take more)
  • be logical and intuitive
  • "just work".

I will be working hard to ensure these principles become a minimum standard for all IT systems across the University.

If you have any questions or would like to share any IT-related frustrations, please do get in touch.

My working week is split between PVAC (3 days), ESSL (1 day) and Arts (1 day - temporary secondment).

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