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Mr Peter Edwards

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Web Application Developer

Email: p.l.edwards@leeds.ac.uk

My job is to manage the development of new and existing websites within the Faculty. I currently work as part of the Web Team, but continue in my role in ESSL (0.25) and PVAC (0.25) supporting legacy systems until the sites using them can be moved into the corporate content management system. My main role is the development of a wordpress hosting service.

If you are in the Faculty of Education, Social Sciences and Law, and you need a new website or development work carried out on an existing website, please contact me.

My role includes ...

  • planning and managing developments of new and existing websites
  • identifying ways in which existing sites can be made more effective
  • co-ordinating the design and build of new sites
  • liaising with external designers and the University web team
  • co-ordinating best practice between websites
  • building and maintaining core Faculty websites
  • improving usability and accessibility of websites
  • advising on options for new websites
  • training staff on how to update websites
  • developing longer-term strategies for Faculty websites.

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