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A key part of the Faculty’s mission is to tackle some of the important societal challenges currently facing the world through interdisciplinary work, enabling greater knowledge exchange and research opportunities within and beyond the social sciences.

The faculty is home to the cross-faculty Leeds Social Sciences Institute, which has an important role in driving forward the research and innovation agenda in this area.

School of Education

We undertake research in key areas of educational policy and practice, and place particular emphasis on the relevance of our work to practitioners and policymakers. Our research includes human rights and citizenship, language education, lifelong learning, and mathematics and science education.

School of Politics and International Studies

POLIS is one of the largest academic departments in the field of politics and international studies in the UK. Our research is focused on international relations and security, global justice and development, leadership, parties and institutions, and political theory and democratisation.

School of Sociology and Social Policy

The School has a reputation for policy-relevant research that is sociologically informed and methodologically innovative. Our main research areas cover disability, ethnicity and racism, family life and generations, care and employment, gender and sexuality, and social theory, policy and methods.

School of Law

Law fosters and promotes research in all major fields of legal study. Our research focuses around business law and practice, criminal justice, law & social justice, and law & emerging technologies.

Research Sector Hubs

Supported by over £6 million of investment, our new sector hubs provide a focussed and strategic gateway to developing partnerships with industry and other partners. Two sector hubs relate to the research carried out in the faculty:

Social Care

Social Care is evolving in response to the changing needs and aspirations of the community, informed by clear evidence of what does and does not make a difference.

Professional Services

The professional services hub works to improve collaboration to enhance knowledge and deliver innovative approaches to ensure that our world-class research has a greater impact for business and society.

Sharing our Knowledge and Expertise

The schools and research centres across the Faculty represent an enormous pool of expertise in research, learning and teaching. Our aim is to share the knowledge we generate as widely as possible with external groups and communities. We work in partnership with a wide range of organisations to apply our knowledge and expertise for the benefit of society on a local, regional and global scale.

Enterprise and Knowledge Transfer activity at the University of Leeds is centred around four hubs.

  • Innovation with Business
  • Policy, Partnerships and Evaluation
  • Commercialism
  • Enterprise Services

We work with colleagues from a range of academic disciplines to apply our knowledge in a wide range of fields. As social scientists, we embrace an established tradition of working with policy makers and other key social organisations to provide understanding, expertise and vision to address the problems of the contemporary world. Much of our activity, therefore, falls in the area of 'Policy, Partnerships and Evaluation'.

Improving our understanding of society

Our work with partners to apply our knowledge base is built on a platform of world-class problem-oriented research. Examples of our current work include the Timescapes research project, a project that explores how people's relationships with their significant others unfold over biographical, generational and historical time, and the impact of terrorism on local communities.

Influencing policy around the world

Much of the research work undertaken in the Faculty's schools and centres influences policy not only in the UK but across the globe. Users of research carried out include the EU, Commonwealth countries, and North America. The influence of our research reaches across a diversity of organisations in business, the public sector and government locally, nationally and internationally with the potential to influence the lives of millions of people.

Expert advice

Faculty staff have provided expert advice, analysis and commentary to governments, charities, NGOs, schools, universities and other institutions across the world. The issues and topics embraced are diverse, ranging from advising on government strategy on the 14-19 curriculum, to research looking at how to tackle anti-social behaviour.

Specially-designed courses

We can offer specially-designed courses to meet the needs of your group. The Faculty has experience of designing courses that range from single days to dedicated BA or MA courses.

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